Brilliant colors, luxurious textures, rich fabrics, lighting and antique furniture have always not only caught my eye, 

     but, have held a special place in my everyday life.   

     Having first restored and refinished a 17 room Brownstone in NYC, I later moved to the Hudson Valley where I   

     restored a historic 18th Century Greek Revival.  It is through renovating these homes that I honed my skills and  

     appreciation of materials, identified the best sources and expanded my capabilities.  Once all thirty five windows

     were adorned with full window treatments I found myself disappointed that I didn't have more to work on.  

     I have procured and shipped antiques from auctions, flea markets and antique stores from NYC, the Hudson

     Valley and as far away as Madrid, Paris & London.  The same goes for the fabrics and trims that I work with.  

     I often have the fabric and trims long before I match them to their worthy piece.  Furniture can be restored to

     original finish or changed to your liking.  Handpainting and gilding services also available.

     I avoid glues and plastics and go for the original craftsmans materials.  I hand sew with heavy waxed thread,

     use metal tacks and staples and line with washable and non-allergenic batting and fillers.  All works with fur

     are from customer supplied vintage garments and they can also be used as upholstery fabric for chairs.

     Lamp shades can be created using appliques cut from matching curtain or uphostery fabrics as well as vintage

     cloth and or handpaint on silks.  I work with old lamp shade frames that I restore and recover, as the

     shapes and dimensions are both unique and very sturdy compared to new store bought shades.  I have completed  

     installations in private homes as well as commercial venues such as apparel stores, restaurants and offices.

Please feel free to contact me with your custom inquiries.

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Upholstery, Furniture Refinishing, Upcycled Fur Projects, Window treatments

Wirth At Glory Hall in Montgomery, Ny Upholstery

Refinishing Wood Furniture

Beautiful, Affordable, Custom:

Upholstery, Window Treatments, Lamp Shades, Furniture Refinishing, Upcycled Fur Projects

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WIRTH at GLORY HALL in Montgomery, NY upholstery

upholstery fabric for chairs ~  Beautiful, Affordable, Custom  

WIRTH at Glory Hall in Montgomery, NY window treatments 

Also ~ Lamp Shades, Upcycled Fur Projects, Furniture Refinishing